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June 14, 2005


Welcome to the website for researchers in Experimental Pragmatics. The site has been set up by Billy Clark (Middlesex University, London) and Ira Noveck (Institut des Sciences Cognitives, Lyon) but it's a cyberhome for a large international group of researchers working in this area.

As Sperber and Noveck (2004: Chapter 1) put it, experimental pragmatics is:

... a new field ... that draws on pragmatics, psycholinguistics and also on the psychology of reasoning

We have met to discuss our work at a number of meetings (in Luton in 1998, Lyon in 2001, Milan in 2004, Cambridge in 2005) and there is a growing literature in this area.

This site will give information on publications and on past and future events, links to relevant websites and downloadable papers, and a place to discuss and develop ideas.

We welcome feedback on the site and on any aspect of experimental pragmatics.

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