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March 21, 2006

Call For Papers: LAGB 2006, Newcastle, 30.8.06-2.9.06

The deadline is very close (3rd April) for the LAGB (Linguistics Association of Great Britain) meeting in Newcastle. The LAGB accepts papers on any topic in linguistics and there have been lots of papers on pragmatics in the past. The pragmatics presence has decreased slightly recently but there were a few papers on pragmatics last time and it would be great to have some more.

As well as submitting individual papers, it is possible to offer a themed session on a particular topic. Abstracts for these are considered in the same way as other abstracts and the Committee ask for one named contact. The full circular is available at:


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March 7, 2006

Call for Papers at the Journal of Semantics

Journal of Semantics

Special issue "Processing meaning"

Guest editors: Robyn Carston and Julie Sedivy

Deadline for submissions: August 1, 2006

Although in the last two or three decades many researchers in semantics and pragmatics have adopted a cognitivist stance on natural language interpretation, for a long time the relations between semantics/pragmatics and experimental psychology were lukewarm, at best. Recently, however, this has begun to change, and the past few years have yielded a fair number of truly interdisciplinary studies on such diverse topics as anaphora, quantification, modality, implicature, polysemy, and so on.

Next year, the Journal of Semantics will publish a special issue that aims to bring together theoretical and experimental approaches to semantics and pragmatics. Papers submitted for this issue should
address topics related to semantic/pragmatic processing, and should be of interest to an interdisciplinary readership. Submitted papers should be in pdf-format and be emailed to the managing editor:



Since it was founded in 1982, the Journal of Semantics has been one of the main venues for publishing research in semantics and pragmatics. Currently, our acceptance rate is 15%, and the average turnaround time (i.e. the time between submission of a manuscript and the editorial decision) is 12 weeks.

The Journal of Semantics publishes articles concerned with the interpretation of natural language, broadly construed: we welcome contributions from all fields engaged in the study of interpretation, including linguistics, philosophy, and psychology.

The editors of the Journal of Semantics are:

David Beaver
Regine Eckardt
Bart Geurts (managing editor)
Ira Noveck
Paul Portner
Philippe Schlenker
Yael Sharvit
Anna Szabolcsi

The Journal's homepage is: http://jos.oxfordjournals.org/

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Experimental Pragmatics in paperback

The publishers at Palgrave-Macmillan deemed the initial release of the book Experimental Pragmatics a success and have made a second printing, this time in paperbook. This printing will be delivered to bookstores and the like on March 17 (according to Amazon.com). It is identical to the hardcover version (except that the blurbs are longer and the price is more affordable).

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