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June 18, 2009

EURO-XPRAG: European Science Foundation Research Network

We are pleased to announce that the ESF is sponsoring a Research Network Program known as Experimental Pragmatics. This Network will allow for short visit travel grants, Workshops, Conferences and a single Summer School over the next four years. The following countries are presently supporting the Network (in parentheses is the country's representative).

Austria (Josef Perner)
Belgium (Walter Schaeken)
Denmark (Anne-Marie Bulow)
France (Ira Noveck*#)
Germany (Uli Sauerland#)
Holland (Bart Geurts#)
Norway (Bergljot Behrens)
Poland (Katarzyna Bromberek-Dyzman)
Spain (Louise McNally)
Sweden (Peter Pagin)
Switzerland (Jacques Moeschler)

# Co-submitter


Hopefully, more countries will join as the Network gathers steam. For example, Richard Breheny, who also worked considerably on the accepted proposal, was at the kick off meeting that was held this past Tuesday in Strasbourg (as an observer from the UK) .

Keep in mind the following:

  • There will be a call for proposals very soon explaining how this Network will evolve.
  • The next XPRAG conference will be held in Barcelona in 2011.
  • euro-xprag.org will be the official public face of this new network.



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