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January 9, 2010

Second call for ESF EURO-XPRAG Collaborations

After the success of the first call for proposals concerning Collaborative research in Experimental Pragmatics, the EURO-XPRAG ESF Network will soon be announcing its second one. These are grants that allow for travel in order to prepare and carry out Experimental Pragmatic projects. This time we are open to (a limited number of) collaborations that include non-Europeans. Those whose proposals are accepted will be requested to present their plans and progress at a Workshop in Leuven in June. Deadline: 18 February.

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Bart Geurts's Mansucript on Quantity Implicatures

"This book is about one simple idea: that speakers convey information not only by what they say, by also by what they don't say."

Thus begins the (draft of the) book entitled Quantity Implicatures by Bart Geurts. To read more click below.

Geurts Q-implicatures.pdf

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